Our task was to provide 2000 m² of architectural mesh with a custom-designed pattern made of copper. An additional requirement was to maintain a uniform color, shade, and prevent any color change over time. These factors influenced the investor’s decision to choose mesh as a wall covering.

In the first stage of implementing this project, our team, consisting of a product manager, designer, and technologist, compiled a list of risks associated with fulfilling this ambitious assignment. At the top of the list was the choice of material for the mesh and meeting the client’s expectations. Copper, due to its properties, quickly oxidizes. This oxidation process leads to discoloration, which was unacceptable in this case. Copper, as a natural material, patinates due to external conditions. However, in this project, the color and shade were meant to remain unchanged over time.

In the second stage, the biggest challenge was to design and produce equipment that would allow us to create the mesh pattern designed by the Architect. Time pressure was immense, and the expectations regarding parameters and quality were very high. Thanks to the experience and dedication of our entire team, we managed to implement the architect’s design in a record time of 2 months, including the production of samples and tests.

After completing the second stage, we proceeded to produce test panels, which were then delivered to the investor and installed by the general contractor. Unfortunately, the worst-case scenario occurred at that moment. Despite successful tests and proper surface preparation for the copper mesh, irregular discolorations started to appear, disqualifying it. After consulting with experts and conducting analyses in our material laboratory, we took the risk of producing another batch of mesh. This time, it was additionally protected with a coating to prevent oxidation. The test results were very promising. We delivered additional test panels to the investor, convinced that the problem had been permanently solved. If you are familiar with Murphy’s Law, you probably know what happened next. Yes, discolorations appeared on the mesh, with the slight difference that they took longer to develop than before. Further consultations and tests yielded no solution. We had not yet found a way to ensure that the copper mesh would maintain a consistent shade. Time was passing relentlessly, and the deadline for the production and installation of the panels was fast approaching. Realizing that the panels would be installed on multiple floors and in different weather conditions, we found ourselves in a dead end. Did we give up and abandon the project? No. Why? Because there is always a solution.

Motivation declined, costs increased, and the order seemed further out of reach. Ultimately, the Product Manager made a bold decision to select the appropriate technology that would achieve the desired copper effect. The use of stainless steel with a semi-transparent paint coating allowed us to realistically replicate the copper color. It was a perfect shot! The initial tests showed that we were able to achieve a satisfactory result for the investor. The last problem we had to address was the selection of the right color. In total, we prepared and delivered over 20 test panels in various shades of copper to the investor before they decided on the ideal one that aligned with their vision. An additional benefit of the proposed solution was cost optimization for the investor. Replacing the copper mesh with stainless steel mesh with an additional coating reduced costs by up to 40%.

What else can we add? It is worth emphasizing that stories like these are not only a source of mutual benefits and great satisfaction but they also build something more. They build mutual trust and enduring partnerships with partners like us.

The entire assignment for VARSO PLACE was carried out by Progress ARCHITECTURE according to the schedule. All panels successfully passed rigorous technical inspections. We continue to receive signals of complete satisfaction from the investor.

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