Innovative applications

Revolutionise your products and attract customers. Harness the potential of wire mesh and gratings and increase your competitiveness with innovative solutions

Creating aesthetically pleasing products that are also exceptionally durable and tailored to current needs has become a key element of success in modern construction and interior design. Architectural fabrics and gratings offer not only unique aesthetics, but also endless functional possibilities that can revolutionise your products. Incorporating these modern elements gives products an innovative, fresh look that sets them apart in the marketplace and attracts the attention of new customers and investors.

HVAC Manufacturers

Grids for heating and ventilation ducts

Furniture manufacturers

Openwork structural and decorative elements

Lighting manufacturers

Lighting system components

Installers and fitters

We provide the necessary training and support for installation and assembly

Metalworking companies

Grids and meshes for individual applications

Transparency and visibility

The woven structure makes it a material with unique functionality. Architectural meshes and grids offer versatile customisation options, allowing full control over transparency, pattern and the thickness of the wire shape and profile. A variety of solutions are available, including round, flat, crimped, steel cable and welded triangular profile wires. The full adjustability of the transparency is tailored to the specific requirements of each application, whether it’s for ventilation or access control, whilst maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

Steel, copper and aluminium

The use of steel, copper and aluminium in architectural designs represents a revolution in the perception of architecture, radically changing the traditional approach to these materials in construction. It lends a refined style, character and unparalleled elegance to solutions using them. By using high quality alloys of these metals, it’s possible to achieve unique strength and visual effects in products, making your product a true innovation in the architectural industry.

Custom manufacturing

Bring your bold visions to life and conquer markets with specially designed, ready-to-install components. Save time and prioritise precision in execution

Modern machinery and advanced manufacturing technologies ensure the highest and consistently repeatable standard of workmanship. Extensive fabrication capabilities allow us to offer not only formatted panels, but also ready-to-install components in specified sizes and shapes, complete with frames and fasteners.

Custom project

Perfect solutions tailored to individual needs

Custom manufacture of meshes and grids

Manufacturing products from the highest quality alloys

Formatting and shaping

Tailor-made solutions for customer requirements

Surface treatment

Expertise and experience in consultancy services

Fitting and fixing

Expert assistance in selecting the optimum fastening solution

Installation support

Installation support: Our support is based on a thorough understanding of the requirements of your product or solution. As experts, we design components taking into account key factors such as weight, strength parameters, stiffness, format or wire diameter. We inform and propose different options and recommend the best solution for your needs, ensuring optimum performance and functionality. Our aim is to ensure that your product meets all expectations and that our collaboration and expertise gives you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

R&D and Laboratory

R&D is at the heart of our innovation. It is here that new products, designs and wire shapes are created that are unique in the marketplace. Rigorous strength testing is carried out in our state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure compliance with the highest quality standards and certification requirements. Continuous research, analysis and improvement of our products guarantees a constant flow of new solutions that effectively meet the needs of today’s market.

Complete project support

We are supplier, manufacturer and partner at every stage of your project. Benefit from our experience and support in both volume production and project development

Product Concept

  • Product definition support
  • Suggestion of optimal solutions
  • Prototype creation
  • Action plan

Product development

  • Design and technical expert support
  • Cost analysis
  • Material selection support
  • Determination of production technology

Product optimisation

  • Prototype testing and analysis
  • Performance and quality optimisation
  • Final proposal acceptance

Product manufacturing

  • Production of final component
  • Market launch support