SSC Shopping Center – Solingen

PROGRESS ECO company has completed the project involving the supply of steel substructure, metal mesh, and installation!

A great challenge, intriguing architecture, and an interesting concept of using architectural metal mesh on the facade as a decorative element. The idea was to achieve the impression of a golden ribbon enveloping the building. The achieved effect is stunning, despite the high level of complexity, where it was necessary to manufacture all elements from a 3D model – steel substructure, mesh, and tensioning system (providing proper tension depending on various weather conditions).

Technical details:

– Building’s usable area: 29,000 m² 
– Weight of the structure: approximately 30 tons 
– Total mesh area: 1260 m² 
– Number of mesh elements ranging from 3 to 13 meters in length and 800 mm in width, without repetitive sections. 

Mesh specifications: 
– Saturn P05130 
– Prześwit: 50,61%, 
– Materiał: stal AISI 316 L
– Additionally, wires coated with PET layer in gold color.


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