A fabric

or an architectural steel mesh?

The brand image is a lens through which customers perceive and experience emotions related to our company or organization. It’s no wonder that every owner and marketer goes to great lengths to ensure that the brand logo is presented in an original and reliable manner, leaving a lasting impression and evoking positive associations.

As an inspiration for those seeking unconventional solutions, today we would like to present a project that we had the pleasure of executing for the French rugby club ASM Clermont Auvergne.

The club representatives approached us with a non-standard request: besides delivering over 160 m² of stainless steel mesh to embellish the stadium façade, they asked if we could incorporate the team’s logo onto it. As a company with 30 years of experience and technological expertise, we took on the challenge.

The first challenge our employees had to tackle was selecting the appropriate mesh that would be both flexible and weather-resistant while maintaining the right degree of transparency. We identified five mesh patterns from our product line for testing purposes.

The next step was to determine the optimal painting technique. After initial discussions with our collaborator, we decided that wet painting technology would be the best method for this project. To achieve the desired effect, we developed a special paint formula containing elastomers, which allowed the mesh to be rolled for transport and unfurled on-site without the risk of damaging the powder coating.

The final step in completing this project was developing templates to apply the team’s logo onto the mesh. While the template itself wasn’t an issue, its dimensions of 4 meters in width and 8 meters in length posed a challenge. To solve this problem, we collaborated with an advertising agency specializing in large-format printing.

The entire project for ASM Clermont Auvergne was executed by PROGRESS ARCHITECTURE according to the schedule. From the initial client contact to solution development, testing, and final delivery to the construction site, only 4 months elapsed! Thanks to this project, we not only added another investment to our portfolio but also expanded the range of services we offer.

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